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"Tensions flare as Queenie (Marjorie Gast) and Mr. Black (Peter “Jubiril” Awe) crank up the heat on the dance floor in “The Wild Party.” Andrew Lippa’s steamy, volatile musical plays through Feb. 10 at Theatre Cedar Rapids" 

- Diana Nollen The Gazette

"The acting varied in experience but the three leads: Hughes, Chris Johansen and Marjorie Gast (Adams, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson respectively) were certainly the stand outs."

- Erin Roberts Minnesota Playlist

"17-year-old "bobby-soxer" Connie Miller, fresh-off-the-bus from Ogden, Utah, played by the multi-talented Marjorie Gast, executed a tap dance to "Strike Up the Band," that knocked the audience's socks off."

- Vicki Grimes WCF Courier

"We also feel the heartbreak and longing of Marjorie Gast as Laura. A theater performance major at University of Northern Iowa, she sweetly captures the fear, fragility and dreams of Laura"

- Jonathan Turner QCOnline

“The Witch,” played by Marjorie Gast, absolutely stole the show. And I mean stole. While I’m no expert in the craft of witchery, Gast had the cackle, the cruelty, the slyness…she had it all! I’ve seen Gast perform in a few different shows, and she has proven to be a wonderfully diverse actor." 

- Shelby Welsch The Northern Iowan

"Marjorie Gast, a UNI alum and frequent leading performer on Eastern Iowa stages, brings a bold shimmer to Inez Milholland, a high-society diva with the money Paul needs to further her cause."

Diana Nollen The Gazette

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